Marketing and Branding in Recruitment

By Ashley Martin Schowengerdt, Director of Communications

As you know from past recruitment blogs and our Amplify DU: Recruitment Training Program, an important part of recruitment is being able to tell the DU story. This gives potential new members the chance to learn about the Fraternity, your chapter and the experience they will have as a brother. This sounds a lot like marketing because IT IS! During recruitment, we are marketing the DU experience by sharing information and showing someone why our product—in this case, DU membership—is a worthwhile investment.

As we think about marketing the DU experience, using the Delta Upsilon brand is a great place to start. A brand is more than just your logo. Your brand is who you are. It encompasses your values and beliefs, actions, history, reputation, and so much more. Think about your favorite brands and why you like them (this could be Nike, Supreme, Coca-Cola, whomever). You don’t just like them because their logo is cool and they have the slickest advertisements. You like them because of who they are. Their products, their reputation, how they make you feel, and how they align with where you are at in life. The most successful companies infuse who they are into everything they do. From the products themselves to their customer service, marketing/advertising, and even corporate office culture. Everything is a reflection of who they are. Marketing and branding within Delta Upsilon should be the same.

If your brand is who you are, we have to answer the question “Who is Delta Upsilon?” When thinking about DU on the international scale, that includes a lot of things, most importantly:

  • Our Four Founding Principles
    • The Promotion of Friendship, The Development of Character, The Advancement of Justice and The Diffusion of Liberal Culture
  • Non-secrecy
    • We aren’t afraid to show people exactly what we stand for.
  • Being the 6th oldest fraternity
    • DU has stood the test of time.
  • Our mission of Building Better Men
    • Membership in DU is going to help you grow as a person.
  • DU is an innovator
    • DU’s educational programs are award-winning, and other fraternities and sororities look to us to set a standard of excellence when it comes to programs and initiatives.
  • DU is a changemaker
    • Throughout history, DU has led the way toward creating a better fraternity experience. We’ve done this through educational programs, the creation of the Global Service Initiative, our Substance-Free Housing Policy and more.

At the chapter level, who DU is also includes:

  • Chapter activities
    • Service projects, philanthropy events, brotherhood events, etc.
  • Your reputation
    • Maybe you are the smart guys or the intramural powerhouse or the guys who are super involved on campus.
  • Your members themselves
    • People on campus may not know every member of DU, so they are going to base their opinions of DU (good or bad) on the members they do know. Another reason why recruiting men who align with DU’s values is so important. Our members are our brand ambassadors.

Next, think about how we can infuse the DU brand in all that we do as a chapter. Do our events align with our beliefs? How are we Building Better Men? Make adjustments as necessary, then tell people about it!

During recruitment events, turn the key parts of the DU brand into talking points. Clearly explain who DU is and how everything we do connects to that.

On your social media, highlight the things your chapter does that show off the DU brand. Examples include:

  • Share pictures from your events and explain how they tie into our Principles.
  • Highlight your brothers.
  • Share DU and chapter history.  
  • Share testimonials from brothers. (This serves the same purpose as a product review.)
  • Take part in campus-wide campaigns such as National Hazing Prevention Week, Mental Health Awareness Month, etc.
  • Post pictures of brothers having fun. (Promotion of Friendship)

This marketing should be done year-round. Recruitment is 365, and your brand is who you are all of the time.

Your brand is who you are, but don’t forget to use the Delta Upsilon logo and other brand marks. You’ll never see a McDonald’s commercial that doesn’t show the golden arches. You have to put an identifying mark to your brand, so people know who you are at first glance—especially potential new members who are still trying to figure out which fraternity is which. Bonus: all of DU’s marks (from our colors to our logos) reflect our history and beliefs. Make sure the chapter’s profile image has the DU name or logo. Graphics promoting recruitment or other events should use DU branding.

You can download the Fraternity’s brand guide here. You can also download DU logos from our website. You can even reach out to the Fraternity’s Communications Department at

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