Showing Up

By Michelle Marchand, Senior Director of Chapter Development

There are many famous quotes about showing up, like: “You can beat 80% of the competition just by showing up,” (Harvey Mackay) or “Half the battle is showing up,” (Stephen Hawking), but when it comes to recruitment, how you show up on campus and in your community is about more than just being present. Showing up speaks to your character as Delta Upsilon men and the manner in which you live out the Fraternity’s Four Founding Principles on a daily basis. Showing up impacts the men who might want to join DU and the students, faculty and staff that would recommend DU to potential members.

Consider the following strategies when it comes to showing up:

Engagement with other fraternities and sororities

Think about how your chapter engages with other fraternities and sororities on campus. Do you have positive relationships with other IFC fraternities or are you constantly at odds? If you are at odds, why is that? Do you participate in events and programs that other fraternities and sororities sponsor? When you do, do a variety of members participate or just the newest ones because they were told to be there? Do you support the work of all the governing councils on campus, including NPHC and MGC, or do you stay in your comfort zone with just IFC and maybe Panhellenic? As a fraternity that believes in The Diffusion of Liberal Culture and The Promotion of Friendship, your intentional involvement with all fraternities and sororities on your campus makes a big impact on DU’s reputation. A chapter that genuinely cultivates relationships with all fraternities and sororities and seeks to be involved across the F/S community will attract potential members who want the same thing.

Campus events and programs

On any given day on any given campus, there are a wide variety of events and programs for students to attend. Some might be academic-related, a musical performance, an athletic event or a student activities program, but almost all are open to any member of the college/university community. What does your chapter’s participation in campus events and programs look like? Do your members willingly attend? Do they show up in DU attire with a positive attitude and participate through questions, enthusiasm or eye contact with the presenter? Do your chapter officers review the upcoming campus events calendar and find connections to DU’s Chapter Excellence Plan criteria? Do you attend campus programs and go out of your way to meet other students, faculty and staff in attendance? Successful chapters use campus events as a means to meet potential members, especially those outside of your usual spheres of influence. If you’re looking to grow your membership with students from different majors, different athletic teams or different student involvement areas, your chapter’s participation in those events and programs will open doors to new avenues of potential member recruitment.

Community service

As DU seeks to advance justice, one of the best ways to do so is through supporting your local community. Think about the service initiatives your chapter engages in throughout the year—the unpaid, hands-on volunteer work that members do to help another person, organization or agency. Are you working with your campus community service office to identify the greatest needs in your community? Are you communicating well pre- and post-event to ensure all expectations are met? Are you showing up on time and ready to work? Are you promoting your continued engagement via social media and other news platforms? Potential members who are attracted to a chapter that actively and regularly performs service will undoubtedly be strong members who want to positively contribute to the world. A chapter’s engagement with the campus community service office will also open doors to recruiting potential members who are involved in other activities and organizations on campus.

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